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Welcome To My Refreshed Blog

Welcome to my new refreshed and rebranded Blog! A few weeks ago I decided to do a makeover on my site to better reflect my business, passions and style. I still have some content to add but thought I would go ahead and make it live:)  Thank You for being so patient while I upgraded.

I have some really exciting things happening in my life and I can’t wait to share some of those with you. For now I leave you with a montage of photography that pretty much explains why I love what I do~ Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Barb, It is actually an old shoelace:) But you could use cotton twill as well. Thanks, Carol

  • barb - love that heart on the book. I used to have some of that soft cotton ‘braiding’. I got it at a garage sale. What is it called? I’d like to have some more.


  • Sheila R - Love your new blog look! Stunning!

    So excited and honored to have finally met you at The Gathering. Hope to see you soon.

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Sweet Heather:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank you Sweet Anne:) (((Hugs))) Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Gosh Laurie, How sweet of you:) I love sharing~ Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Danielle! It means the world to me that you would think so:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You! That photo is one of my favorites too~ I love lining things up down my farm table and these pitchers always make a great statement. Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Stephanie! So sweet of you:) I’ve really missed blogging because I get to connect with wonderful friends such as you:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Robin~Have a great weekend:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Cynthia! I wanted it to be easy to navigate and try not to make it so cluttered:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Debbie, Thank You so much:) You are such a beautiful friend to support my work. Would love to meet up with you one day:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Oh Lili so Sweet of you to think so:) If I’m the cause of making your heart sing, that is the best part of blogging:) Blessings, Carol

  • Lili - All these images just make my heart sing! Thank you so much for all this inspiration Carol. I just love your photography!! ~Lili

  • Debbie Walker - Beautiful! You always do your work with such excellence and grace.

  • Cynthia, Beach Coast Style - I love it Carol! It’s pretty, creative, soft on the eyes and easy to navigate.

  • Robin - So Beautiful! Looks amazing.

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita - Gorgeous! You never fail to inspire! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Hope all’s well!

  • Summer for Swede Collection - Carol, I particularly love your photo in your dining room of the chandelier with the big white pitchers on the table.

  • Danielle - Your photos are so gorgeous!

  • laurie - Oh how I love seeing your email post in my in-box, Carol! Your style is so beautiful – as well as your photography. I always leave here so inspired!

    xoxo laurie

  • Anne Lorys-Fiona and Twig - This looks just gorgeous, Carol!
    Classy and lovely, just like you.


  • Heather R. - Just beautiful.

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Follow Your Bliss

Hello! Where has the time gone? I could not believe it has been a few weeks since I last blogged on both blogs but here I am back to tell you what I’ve been up to.  My camera has been my constant companion the last 5 weeks as I completed some photo shoots for a few publications. I also had the pleasure of collaborating with Matthew Mead for a story that will be in his upcoming Holiday Magazine. Matthew and Jenny Mead are the sweetest and the experience was AMAZING!  More details on the article in a few weeks. I snapped this photo at one of our local Antique Shows that we shopped at while the Meads were here in Kansas City. I think Matthew found a few treasures to take back home!


And a photo session with this Darling Family~Bentley’s baby blues just popped against his parents lime green shirts!

I also styled an “I Do BBQ” Engagement Party for my Son and his Sweet Girl:)

The last few weeks have been busy but enjoyable!  I saw this quote on Pinterest and I think it speaks volumes~

My hope is each of you are living the life you want by Following Your Own Bliss!



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Jeanne Oliver’s Creatively Made E-Course Giveaway

If you’ve been a blog follower of mine over the years, you know how passionate I am about leading a creative lifestyle. I’m also just as passionate about sharing inspiration and helping creatives shine, because life is too short right?

When I went to California a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with the artistic and incredible Jeanne Oliver. Many of you may know Jeanne from her lovely design business but did you know she also offers a fabulous e-course on helping you achieve your creative dreams and rediscovering the beauty of your own gifts?  I’ve taken the course and it is amazing and you will come away with all kinds of refreshing ideas touse in your own creative endeavors. Please note, You DO NOT have to be an artist to receive the benefits from this exceptional class! Jeanne’s e-course will help you explore and appreciate your own individual creative gifts so you can SHINE:)

~For more details watch this video~Click the link below

Creatively Made by Jeanne Oliver E-Course


Jeanne has so graciously offered me 5 spots to give away for her e-course that starts June 18. Just leave a comment here, on my FB page or other blog and I will draw the winners on Wednesday.





  • Cee - Hopefully I’m not too late to enter. I’m definitely not an artist, but I would love to be more creative!

  • Judith Norman - I would love to try this creative e-course. Thanks for hosting this contest.

  • paige thomas king - Since I am sitting here in tears wishing for the kind of fulfillment and inspiration others seem to have captured after taking her course, I think I should register to win.
    Thanks for this kind offer.

  • Roxanne - I could use a create boost, Thank you so much

  • Lisa G - What a gift it would be to win a spot…… Thank you for sharing your gifts to us all, and this generous opportunity for others to enhance their own. My fingers, eyes, arms, legs and toes are crossed my name will be drawn.

  • Ellie - I could use a creative boost. Please include me. Thanks!

  • Jennifer - Thanks for the opportunity! I have been wanting to take one of her classes!

  • Jennifer - I have been wanting to take one of her classes!

  • Patti - Your blog inspires me. I have all this creativity in my head but do not know where to go or start from there! May be just the class I need. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity!

  • Cattie - Oh, this would be perfect! Stuck in an office job, too tired to do anything creative when I get home, I sooo need a boost and inspiration!

  • Peg - I am a former lawyer trying to get in touch with her creative roots. I would love to attend the creativity course with Jeanne!

  • Nancy Pleimann - This sounds like something I need. This would be a welcome win. Thanks for the giveaway. Nancy P.

  • Heather S - This is right up my alley, and just what I need! I’m breathing deeper already! Cheers!

  • Lisa - Hi Carol!

    What a generous giveaway and a great looking e-course to re-energize your creative efforts.

  • Pamela - I could use a little “Jeanne sparkle and shine”!
    Thanks for the inspiring giveaway!

  • Laura - Ooh that looks like a wonderful way to while away the summer days. Lucky winner! Hope it’s me! :)

  • Lisa Bivona - What a wonderful giveaway, I’d love a chance, so please include me, please!!

    I had no idea, Jeanne Oliver, did so much.


  • Debbie - Wow! I would love to take this e-course. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Engagement Session From The Heart

Do you ever find the days just rushing by and before you know it a whole month is almost gone? The last few weeks have proved to be a busy time for me but very enjoyable. I was honored to be the guest speaker at a creative event for Women in California the first part of May which was amazing. That combined with a couple of project deadlines, has made this month fly by. I never take for granted though that I am in charge of my own schedule and feel very blessed to be able to do what I love.

But nothing could compare to being able to photograph my Son and his sweet girl for their engagement session this past weekend.


My heart is smiling can you tell?

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Raised In Cotton on Pinterest




  • Bridget - so sorry, I put the wrong blog to my name.. forgot and “e” in create…I love this music on your blog. Who is the artist?

  • Bridget - Hello, so nice to see another happy couple… when is the big day? I just got done marrying both of my sons, YES both, this summer in less than three months from each other.. A wild ride it was, and I now feel totally lost, and graveling.. I have torn into my home, flipping bedroom furniture, to cleaning out their things, only remembering all of those events and good times that have past. When being in a home for over 26 years, things just happen to stay around. But these things are a testament to all that we did with them and for them. Here’s to you and your family and the happy times ahead.

  • Anne Lorys-Fiona and Twig - I can see and feel your heart smiling all the way down here in Texas, Carol! Beautiful work, beautiful couple!


  • Suzanne Duda - Congratulations to you all! What a very happy time in life, and how lucky you are to be able to capture it in your beautiful photographs. Xo suzanne

  • maureen @ cottage 960 - She is stunningly beautiful, and what a darling couple. Congrats to all. (and your photos are fabulous too!)

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