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Magical Wedding

941349 10152878693240192 928223065 n 600x400 Magical Wedding

The day of the wedding was simply magical. A beautiful May Saturday, late in the afternoon when my youngest Son married his love. The months of planning every last detail with the reward of celebrating the start of their new lives together was joyous. The wedding design was classic black and white with a bit of glitz that my Daughter-in-Law added in for some glamour. Drexel Hall built in the early 1900′s was the ballroom venue and created the perfect backdrop for the happy celebration.

XrrsR27292713m 399x600 Magical Wedding


kLQ0k27292596m 399x600 Magical Wedding

The first plan was to use silver chiavari chairs with black cushions for the seating until we found out (just 10 days before the wedding) that the ballroom did not allow outside chair rentals. The chairs provided by the venue were industrial lawn chair plastic and not exactly what we had envisioned. So instead we decided to cover the chairs with white slips and add a black satin sash to them. I actually think the covered chairs turned out even better!

Andrea Jordan dvd 0236 600x399 Magical Wedding

For the cocktail hour, I created a “Love is Sweet” candy buffet in the upstairs balcony. Simple glass containers embellished with rhinestone trim and ribbons to hold the matching black and white candy.

Andrea Jordan dvd 0232 600x399 Magical Wedding

Andrea Jordan dvd 0090 600x399 Magical Wedding

We made much of the Wedding decor ourselves including the Men’s boutonnieres crafted using small black and white feathers decorated with a tiny rhinestone.

Andrea Jordan dvd 0089 399x600 Magical Wedding


My Son never looked happier and I’m sure it was because of this beauty~

Andrea Jordan dvd 0208 399x600 Magical Wedding

Andrea Jordan dvd 0198 399x600 Magical Wedding

Andrea Jordan dvd 0188 399x600 Magical Wedding

Andrea Jordan dvd 0404 600x399 Magical Wedding


Andrea Jordan dvd 0421 399x600 Magical Wedding

Wedding photos by the talented Jana Marie Photography

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Bountiful California

A couple of weeks ago I was in LA on a photo project and while there we took a side trip on our last day. We shopped the fun Santa Monica Flea Market and also visited the beautiful Bountiful Shop in Venice . Sue Balmforth owner of Bountiful has an amazing eye and I’ve long admired her talent for blending American Country with European Antiques into gorgeous environments. I first read an article about Sue and her shop in a 2000 issue of Country Home Magazine (my favorite publication of all time) and have followed her ever since. Bountiful was closed the day we visited but Sue graciously opened her shop and even her personal studio space up for us which was such a treat. I knew it would be mesmerizing, but I had no idea how fast I could capture everything around me with my camera!

Bountiful 18 399x600 Bountiful California

The shop was small but the overall impact was incredible. A grouping of black lanterns hung down from an open skylight window, casting the prettiest sunlight glow.

Bountiful 19 399x600 Bountiful California


Bountiful 101 600x399 Bountiful California


You know I love stacks of anything! Look at these classic red striped pillows~

Bountiful 161 Bountiful California

Cake plates~

Bountiful 5 Bountiful California

White Dishes~ Can you ever have too many of these?

Bountiful 13 Bountiful California

Velvet ribbon~Luscious colors~

Bountiful 3 Bountiful California

Fabulous statuary~

Bountiful 15 Bountiful California

Candles in pastel shades of hobnail glass~

Bountiful 4 Bountiful California

And my favorite, Sue’s personal creative stash~

Bountiful 7 Bountiful California

Another treat was spending the afternoon with the fun Editorial team from Romantic Homes Magazine.

RomanticHomesWeb 600x499 Bountiful California

Take it from me and put a visit to Bountiful on your bucket list:)

*All photos by Carol Spinski.


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  • Carol Spinski - Hi Brenda,

    If you ever get a chance to shop Bountiful-GO:) It is amazing as I knew it would be. Blessings and Thank You-Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Paula:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Dawn,

    Bountiful was amazing and one of those shops that should live forever:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Well Thank You:) Carol

  • Anonymous - Beautifully shot and written – made me want to jump into my computer screen! I am in love with your photography and I am in total agreement about putting this on my bucket list. (BTW, my “bucket” is a French farm bucket in zinc) lol.

    Just stopping by to say howdy and just loving all that you do and are.

    Big hugs

  • Dawn Edmonson - Ohmygoodness Carol!!!! I can’t believe you went to Bountiful!!! What a dream ~ thanks so much for sharing pics with us girl…I had to pin a few!! hugs and love, Dawn

  • Carol Spinski - Oh Thank You so much Paula:) Carol

  • Paula Parrish - You did a wonderful job capturing the pretty in your photos of this amazing vintage shop. Thanks for sharing. ;o)

  • Brenda Schwager - Beautiful photos of a remarkable shop! I agree…that very issue of Country Home magazine was the BEST!

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Future Farmhouse Design Project


As a homeowner, it’s only natural to have those “to do” design projects that are constantly on your mind. When we bought and started rehabbing our farmhouse in 2009, the focus was concentrating on redoing most of the main rooms so we could move in. But the one room we did not get to was the small bathroom off of the entry. It has some wonderful features in place including a vintage white pedestal sink, stone flooring, white wainscoting woodwork and a incredible wood door. But it also has one of those shower inserts that was most likely added in the 1980′s by a previous owner and to me sticks out like a sore thumb. I do try to conceal the shower with a plain white curtain which helps but it just does not go with the rest of the farmhouse. So I’ve been culling inspirational photos together from Pinterest for a future bathroom project:

07114324b Future Farmhouse Design Project

I adore the tub and faucet in the above photo. It is on the smaller side which I think would fit well into my tiny space. The simple white basket and bench would also be perfect elements to add for a farmhouse feel.


horizontal paneling Future Farmhouse Design Project

Horizontal paneling that is painted white is just a clean and classic look. I don’t think it ever goes out of style. The double window is also a beauty.

clawfoot tub texas farmhouse Future Farmhouse Design Project

I thought the vintage clawfoot tub with the stenciled pattern was so unique. The vertical wall paneling is lovely especially with the pegged shelf. I’ve always loved the look of fresh white towels hanging in bathrooms off of pegs.

amy morris Future Farmhouse Design ProjectWhy not place a large mirror by the tub? Love the whole concept above. I’m actually thinking of using this idea because the pictured space is very close to the size I will be working with. I may change the stone floor and use wide plank oak in a honey color.

The bathroom project is probably a few months away but it gives me time to source out the fixtures so stay tuned:) I will be sure and post before and after photos too.

  • Carol Spinski - I know that mirror might be beautiful but my luck it would land in the tub with me! Thank You-Carol

  • Carol Spinski - I know, was thinking the very same thing!

  • tarnished royalty - Sounds like a fun project and I’m sure it will be beautiful. Not sure I would be brave enough to have a huge mirror right there though, ha!

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Stephanie,

    Yes I’m very familiar with the faux wood tile as that is what I used back in 2009 in our Master bathroom and laundry room. I love it because I have the look of wood without the added maintenance.

  • Carol Spinski - Oh you bet Sheila! It’s a keeper for sure:)

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita - I love them all! One thing you might consider for the bath is the tile that looks like wood. Have you seen it? It’s what Serena/Farm Chicks used when they built their home. I love it – I am going to be using it in the kitchen so it is consistent with the look of the floors downstairs, but has the durability of tile. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out though!

  • Sheila R - Can’t wait to see how you transform your bathroom. Please tell me you are keeping the old door leading in as it is so beautiful!

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Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Sharing photos of some of the incredible vendors at Bottoms Up Antique Market (where I have a space) April Sale.

Prize Antiques, 4th Floor

Prize edited 1 600x400  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Prize2 edited 1 400x600  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Prize3 edited 1 400x600  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Prize4 edited 1 600x400  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Prize6 edited 1 400x600  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Prize5 400x600  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

The Seedbox Antiques, 2nd Floor

SeedBox edited 1 600x400  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Glass edited 11 400x600  Bottoms Up Antique Market Tour

Mark your calendar for the next Bottoms Up Antique Market Sale-May 3 & 4

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Online Mentoring For Creatives

  • Carol Spinski - Thank you Sandy for the visit:) Blessings, Carol

  • Sandy Bryan - Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!

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Hello April

“Thank You” to those of you that have followed me over here from my Raised In Cotton site. Your friendship and support mean the world to me!

Here is a random list of what I’ve been up to lately.

*I styled a photo shoot last week for a local bridal magazine. The theme was “Summer Lake” with a color palette of light blue, purple and soft gray. It was one of those shoots where everything went together effortlessly which is not always the case. In a few weeks I will be able to share some of the photos with you.

Flowers2 400x600 Hello April

* I bought white roses from for the photo shoot. The quality is amazing and they smelled lovely.

Silverware 600x400 Hello April

* A shade of purple paint was added to the handles of thrift store silverware for the bridal shoot place settings. I used several layers of acrylic paint which is not permanent but a great element pop.

6a00d83533430c69e20168e8cd7dfd970c 449x600 Hello April

* Even though I love classic white dishes and all ironstone patterns, I’ve always had a fondness for beautiful floral china. Lucky that there is a resurgence of floral patterned china in place settings. I think the popularity of Downton Abbey means we will see a return to more formal tabletops in home and wedding decor.
canon 5d mk iii Hello April

* I’m totally smitten with my new camera the Canon 5d mk Mark iii. I really tried to resist buying a new camera but it has been a few years since I upgraded and I felt it was time. The clear focus that this baby produces even in low light situations is stellar.

Chapel1 400x600 Hello April

* My family and I recently spent a few days at the beautiful Big Cedar Lodge on TableRock Lake in Southern Missouri. We’ve been going to Big Cedar for the last 20 years and it is one of our favorite destinations.  They are building a sweet chapel on the grounds for Weddings and I think the setting would be spectacular for a small intimate celebration.

Barn 400x600 Hello April

* While we were at Big Cedar, I was fortunate to get us into the not officially opened Arnie’s Restaurant (after Arnold Palmer) that is being built. It is housed in an Amish built timber frame barn and is AMAZING! I’ve always loved timber frame design with open beams so much so that after our visit, I think I have Mr Practical Pants talked into a future construction project:) I was also completely obsessed with the flameless candles they used to line the entrance because they looked so real. After some investigating, I found the source for them:)

* The winners of Matthew Mead’s Recycled Style Book- Lisa Vogel, Amy Wald and Sandi Telzrow-Thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway:)

I hope you have a great start to your April:)

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  • Carol Spinski - As always, so sweet of you Mitzi:) Thank You so much-Carol

  • Mitzi Curi - I love the mix of the floral china! And your new camera seems to be a real winner….although all of your photos have been lovely in the past, too.

  • Carol Spinski - Thank you Stephanie:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank you Sheila:) That door is really fun especially when the sun is streaming through it. Blessings, Carol

  • Sheila R - Looks like you have been busy. Love your beautiful door and all the detail.

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita - It all looks great! Sound like fun and busy times.

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