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Pumpkin Patch Quilt

One of the great things about doing freelance styling and photography is I get the opportunity to work with some beautiful materials. Last Winter I teamed with Renee Nanneman on her latest book Pumpkin Patch. Renee who is a talented fabric and quilt designer, owns the popular Need’l Love Company. So when she gave me free rein to take her latest designs and style for the book, I jumped at the chance.  The following shots were some I did before the actual book photos were taken to get an idea about angles, lighting and props.  The challenge when working with a flat object like a quilt is to try and capture the construction details without losing the overall “feel” of the planned book concept.

PumpkinQuilt 3 398x600 Pumpkin Patch Quilt

Maybe it’s from my primitive picking days but I love to hang a quilt over a cupboard door for a homespun feel. On second thought, with the quilt folded it just did not capture all the hand stitching details.  So I took it outside…..and tried hanging it from a tree limb. It was freezing cold that day so my concentration level was a bit low.

HangingPumpkinQuilt 465x600 Pumpkin Patch Quilt

I finally decided to tack it on another cupboard and add just a few props to place focus on the quilt. Bingo, this was the winning shot and Renee loved it!

PumpkinQuilt 6 400x600 Pumpkin Patch Quilt

PumpkinPatchCover1 Pumpkin Patch Quilt

I have a few more photos of Renne’s lovely designs over on the Raised In Cotton Blog.

And, join our Good Stella Creative Community here.

  • Ken - Absolutely GORGEOUS….wholly Molley…what a beautiful pumpkin quilt this is indeed….I am a PUMPKIN Fanatic, and hope to do alot more than I do about that….I do alot of sewing but WOW…this one melts my heart.
    I swear to God, my coffin will be lined with PUMPKINS and Pumpkin Material LOL….
    Such created photographing, which is SUPERB to say the least.
    Congrats to all parties involved in creating this WARMING MOMENT for me..just love FALL and PUMPKINS most of all…
    Ken aka “Just Hangin’ Around Primitives” on Etsy

  • Debbie Booth - Beautiful post. I’m going to get the book because your photos are so amazing! Lovely, and very motivating. There is something wonderful about surrounding yourself with loveliness…and quilts move me…so do your pictures. Hahahaha…I’m ready to pull out all my fall quilts and decorate! Thank you for such a lovely post and inspiration.

  • Ruth Ann Winans - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Carol your photos are so charming I just want to jump into them! Makes me want to go get a Pumpkin Spice Latte! I saw the top photo on Pinterest and fell in love with it…then noticed it came from your blog!! Hey! That’s Carols gorgeous styling and photography…no wonder it captured my heart! Hoping Fall brings you many sweet blessings!
    Ruth Ann
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse
    Branson, Missouri

  • Lili - Here I have been craving white pumpkins lately and then you go and show us these gorgeous images using the orange ones. They are so warm and exciting and now I’m craving a quilt to throw upon a well worn piece of furniture. So lovely Carol! ~Lili

  • jenclair - Beautiful vignettes…love that quilt!

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Ideas For Using Vintage Baskets

So many ways to use those lovely old Vintage Baskets you find~

By the farm sink to hold Fresh Fruit~

Basket 600x900 Ideas For Using Vintage Baskets

To hold Fresh Flowers~

From Fifi O’Neill’s gorgeous book Romantic Prairie Style (my farmhouse was also featured)

Mark Lohman Photographer

CB449 Spinkski picnic 4 Ideas For Using Vintage Baskets

To  tuck under a bench~

Hallway 378x900 Ideas For Using Vintage Baskets

For Laundry Day~

From Fifi O’Neill’s Romantic Prairie Style Book, Mark Lohman Photographer

My backyard at the farmhouse

CB449 Spinkski GrdnLaundry 1 Ideas For Using Vintage Baskets

A book holder~

BookBasket 571x900 Ideas For Using Vintage Baskets

Or for a Flower Girl~

Sam 20 600x900 Ideas For Using Vintage Baskets

Don’t you just adore a great old basket?



  • Carol Spinski - Hi Rhonda, Thank You so much and I am going to visit your blog:) Blessings, Carol

  • Rhonda - Just discovered your blog today, love it….you have a new follower ….I love photography also….stop by and visit me when you can ….

  • Kelly - Carol:

    I just love your blog and especially your vintage baskets!

    I would love for you to visit my blog, I just moved from PA to SC and still unpacking. Can’t wait to get my permanent home here soon!

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Mimi, Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Melinda~Hope your week is beautiful too:)
    Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Sandy! I have so many ideas and photos to share:)

  • sandy cookman - I love your photos and ideas! Lovely!

  • Melinda - Love these beautiful ideas Carol, thank you!
    Have a lovey week.

  • Mimi - Thanks for some new ideas for using baskets. Great ideas I can use in my flower shop too.

  • Lana - Lovely uses Carol! I especially like using them for books! :)

  • winnibriggs - It’s always good to see how others use items. Some good ideas there. Lovely photographs.

  • Rachel @ French Farmhouse 425 - I always love your photos Carol~ And I love using baskets for so many things! :) xo Rachel

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Liz and Kent Engagement Photo Session

It’s all about the L-O-V-E right? I recently did an engagement session with a darling couple who made my camera sing.

KentandLiz 16 600x900 Liz and Kent Engagement Photo Session

KentandLiz 42 636x900 Liz and Kent Engagement Photo Session

KentandLiz 301 555x900 Liz and Kent Engagement Photo Session

Liz is the type of beauty that always seems to have a natural glow surrounding her. Kent is a cutie too!

KentandLiz 33 900x872 Liz and Kent Engagement Photo Session

We added in a little off duty fire shoot for fun too:)

LizandKent 10 466x600 Liz and Kent Engagement Photo Session

LizandKent 61 600x900 Liz and Kent Engagement Photo Session

I think Liz and Kent will have a long life together~Congratulations to them!

  • Laurie - what beautiful photos! you can just see how in love they are!

  • pamq - All wonderful photos, but the last one is just glorious!!!


  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita - Love these photos! What a gorgeous girl!

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The Feminine Home By Jo-Anne Coletti

Once again Jo-Anne Coletti has published a new issue of her lovely The Feminine Home

“The Feminine Home~embraces the heart and soul of a woman. It is a singular place where loveliness resides and the language of romance and poetry lives; a home that coaxes an extraordinary life that is enduring, purposeful and distinctly feminine.” Jo-Anne Coletti

Visit Jo-Anne’s blog for ordering information and even a chance to win you’re own copy!

cover 480 The Feminine Home By Jo Anne Coletti

Pure gorgeous don’t you think?

blog20 The Feminine Home By Jo Anne Coletti

  • Cathleen alyce - Such a beautiful book. Thank you for sharing it. I am popping on over to her site right now.

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For The Love Of Lemons

I love lemon anything, especially old fashioned lemonade~

Sam 26 600x900 For The Love Of Lemons

This is my Mama Stella Mae’s Best Lemonade Recipe

1 3/4 cups white sugar

8 cups water

1 1/2 cups fresh lemon juice


  1. In a small saucepan, combine sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to boil and stir to dissolve sugar. Allow to cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  2. Remove seeds from lemon juice, but leave pulp. In pitcher, stir together chilled syrup, lemon juice and remaining 7 cups water.

Lemons are great to decorate with too, from a simple bowl to something a bit more fun~

Sam 13 600x900 For The Love Of Lemons

*Photography and Styling Carol Spinski

For more ideas on using lemons check out my other blog~Raised In Cotton

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Save Those Photos

How many times have you taken a photo and it turns out poor because of bad lighting conditions? Before I toss a photo out I will do some exposure adjustments and even convert it to black and white to see if that helps the image~

BlackandWhiteGlow1 668x900 Save Those Photos

This photo of my Son and his girlfriend was taken as they were sitting in a car in the middle of the day. There were bad shadows across both of they’re faces so I just decreased the lighting levels and saturation in hopes of saving the photo. I also applied a hint of blur to further even the skin tones out a bit.

Pitcherblkandwhite 598x900 Save Those Photos

I have nice windows in my bedroom but many times I can get a harsh backlight situation producing blown out photos.  So to counter in this photo, I decreased the exposure level and saturation down producing greater details in the pitcher.

FloridaBlkandWhite Save Those Photos

This early morning Florida beach photo was a tad too dark and the sand had a slight blue cast.  I just increased the exposure a bit and decreased the saturation to take full advantage of the beautiful colors of the sunrise.

And finally…..

CSBlackandWhite20081 Save Those Photos

One of my favorite photos from Curious Sofa’s Christmas Open House 2008. To capture the ambience of the night and the beautiful candle topped farm table, I increased the exposure level just slightly. Since there were a few overhead lights that created a yellow cast, I decreased the saturation tone in the image to focus attention on the table.

Don’t give up on those photos, try doing some level adjustments to see what you come up with!

Answers to some of your photography questions:

1. My equipment~ Canon 5d MK2, Canon Film Camera, Nikon d90 and a number of lenses, speedlites, reflector, studio lighting.

2. My favorite photo editing software is Lightroom 3 and Photoshop Elements.

3. I shoot RAW files so I can have full post processing control. But the above examples can be done using JPEG files too.

4. I have learned to take my time with each image and capture the best straight out of the camera shot that I can. This helps in reducing any post processing needs.

5. To teach yourself about proper exposure settings, try shooting in Manual mode~Trust me, it’s not hard!

  • HA - Nice site, i am so interested to do this as well…could you advise as to how to begin this? thank you, Heidi

  • HA - Very nice site, i too am interested doing this. Could you please advise how to go about this? Thank you ..

  • Rebecca - I am so in love with photography again (and my Canon EOS 50D!) ;-)I think it is because this time I have “control” of my images where as before with out having a darkroom to process my own film I relied on a photo drop of site.
    I too shoot in Manual and RAW formats. Absolutely no waste now and if I don’t like something, even after tweaking, I can always delete and take it over again.
    Have a Great day Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Nerina~ Manual mode is really fairly simple. Just a matter of finding the best combination of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

    Have Fun!

  • Nerina - Carol,
    Thank you so much for all of your fabulous tips. I’ve recently started playing with a DSLR and your hints help me to have even more fun. Manual more here I come!!
    Enjoy a terrific weekend!!

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