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Outdoor Winter Decorating Ideas


We received our very first snow of the season the other day! It was only about 2-3 inches but still enough to do a bit of Outdoor Winter Decorating. I’ve listed a few ideas just for you!

* Place lighted candles on the outside entry or porch for a Holiday Greeting to your guests.

* Add ย spray glitter to the edge of a red glass candle holder for sparkle.

* Gather berries, pinecones and fresh greens to use around lighted candles.

* Glass cake pedestals are perfect to set candles on to use outdoors. I find the best glass dishes at the Dollar Store.

* Create “Ice Lanterns” by adding fresh cranberries and water to the bottom of a paper cup. Then set another (smaller sized) paper cup filled with water inside the larger cup to create the candle holder. Freeze and then remove both cups by using a small amount of warm water to release both cups. It’s really amazing what you can freeze!

* No Snow? No problem! Use a bag of Epsom Salts for your own faux snow.

Blessings, Carol

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