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What is a mentor? Basically a person that has been down the same path as you are currently traveling. I’m happy to announce that I am offering one-on-one mentoring sessions to help you add some sparkle and shine to your creative business path. Using my 25+ year background as a small business owner, photographer and stylist, I will share ideas and inspiration that have helped me on my journey.

Our 1-2 hour sessions will be about YOU and what YOU need to make your business as BRILLIANT as it can possibly be. Focused guidance that is individualized for your particular needs.


*Sessions by Phone or Skype. Day or evening schedule available

*1 or 2 hours

*Personalized one-on-one focused mentoring

*For established, new startups or dreamers-It’s your passion, I can help!

*Pre session interview sent by email so we can cover everything that is important to you

Topics to be covered:

*Review of business including your style

*Online presence; Website, Blog, Facebook



*Identifying your customer base

*Your “Stand Out” factor

*And anything else you might need to discuss

Goal of the sessions:

*You will be inspired and motivated to reach for the STARS with your Creative Business!


1 hour Mentoring Session- $65.00

2 hour Mentoring Session- $115.00

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  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Julie! It has been a wonderful experience and being able to work with such amazing Women is such a blessing!

  • Julie Bolls - Carol, this is a great idea. You’ve been so kind and giving of yourself already that you know I’m going to sign up for a session. You have so much to share and I am truly grateful.

  • Tracey from A Cottge Industry - Ohmygosh. I am so excited to do this with you, Carol! It’s like you read my mind, in regards to following my bliss! I can’t wait to get started!

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  • Carol Spinski - Thanks so much Karla!

  • Karla - Carol what a good idea to give personal advice directly to someone, instead of a generic course that tries to suit evryone! Best of luck with it. I know you have had some very good advice to me and you could be so helpful to many.

  • Carol Spinski - Thank You Sandy! Would love to work with you. Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Colleen,

    Beautifully said! As a matter of fact, breaking the sessions into two (1) hour sessions is the best way for us to work together. I would be honored to help you:)
    Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Cheri~

    Sounds wonderful Cheri! I look forward to working with you. Blessings, Carol

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Maureen,

    Jeanne’s classes are excellent and I would encourage anyone to sign up for them! I would love to help you fine tune anything you need. Please let me know and lots of success your way:)

    Blessings~ Carol

  • Sandy Bryan - Taxes due this month – mentorship is on the slate for next month! What a wonderful opportunity…thanks so much!!

  • Colleen Martin - A great mentor is certainly the recipe for success.
    Can the two hour session be broken into two one hour sessions so work can be accomplished between phone calls?

  • cheri belisle - i am also interested in this mentoring idea. I am a vendor at a successful shop already, but i feel that I could be doing so much more to make money and promote my own ideas. I wrote down all your information and will consider using your offer.

  • Maureen @ cottage 960 - Ooh I’d love to do this with you. I will certainly put this on my list as the next thing I do for my business. I’m Currently Enrolled in Jeanne Oliver’s Creatively made Business course. Once I finish with that and digest and implement that content, I will be ready for you to help me fine tune it.

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