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Our circa 1865 Missouri Farmhouse

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had the dream of owning an old farmhouse. My Grandparents lived in an old farmhouse in Arkansas and to me it was simply heaven.  It always smelled of homemade pies and fresh burning wood.

My Mama Stella Mae knew my wish of finding the perfect farmhouse and always told me that one day it would happen. But it seemed the timing was never right. In 2007-2008, I lost my Dear Stella Mae and two older brothers in a 10 month span. My heart was truly broken, nothing except my husband and kids mattered. Then one day in 2009 I happened upon this treasure that was only 3 miles away from where we were living at the time. It was For Sale!  I immediately called the Realtor for a showing. The next day my husband who I gently refer to as “Mr PracticalPants” (for obvious reasons) and I made our first visit to the farmhouse. I was completely smitten from the moment I walked through the front door.  10 ft tall ceilings with original crown molding, two bay window seating areas, hardwood floors throughout, gorgeous center staircase and the best part was the 14 vintage chandeliers that graced each room. It was hard to catch my breath as I thought of all the possibilities.  We wondered around the front rooms and were finally led into the kitchen. Oh My Stars! Just like my Grandparents kitchen, there was a bank of 3 tall windows in front of the old farm sink. The natural light streaming through those windows was beautiful.  Flanking the kitchen was an enclosed porch on one side and an old sleeping porch on the other. The upstairs had a small studio which would be perfect for my photography~ Sigh…..Could it BE anymore wonderful?

There was no turning back as far as I was concerned, it was simply all perfect. But Mr PracticalPants being practical and reasonable looked at the farmhouse with a much more critical eye then I obviously had. The outside clapboard siding was pitiful and one of the front porch columns was rotten causing the roof to sag. The old sleeping porch had lots of issues including a not so sturdy floor that felt like a trampoline when you stood on it. The master bathroom shower was tiny and even turning around in it would be difficult. The worst part especially for Mr PracticalPants was the detached garage could barely fit two cars-a real deal breaker for him considering he needed room to put his prized 1955 Belair in.

Even with all the issues, I just knew my Mama had guided me to find this old treasure . So after 10 days of “discussions” we made an offer and it was excepted. The interesting thing is the day after they took our offer, a lady had flown in from California ready to purchase the farmhouse on the spot for herself~ Yes Stella Mae was looking out for us:)

After 10 months of rehab during one of the worst Missouri Winters on record, we were able to move into our farmhouse on May 15, 2010. To this day, I simply know my Dear Mama had a hand in finding our old treasure and helping to heal my broken heart.



  • Carol Spinski

    Hi Joni:) Thanks so much! I’m moving into a larger space at Bottoms Up Antique Market monthly sales starting in Sept. Come and see me:)

  • Joni

    Lovely story. Beautiful website! I kept meaning to come see your antiques.

  • Loranne

    Don’t you just love “Divine Intervention” Truly sorry for the loss of your family members. My lil brother just passed away in March and I have the opportunity to purchase his home which has been in our family for many generations! Internet decorating, planning, and designing are great ways to cope and it was through that I stumbled upon your blog. Your story lifted my spirits and brought a lil sunshine! Looking forward to perusing your blog(s). Thank you for sharing!

  • robin

    Such a heart touching story and with such a happy ending. It’s a beautiful house and I’m glad Mr. Practical Pants saw the possibilities for such a wonderful place.

  • cathie mccormack

    Love the book and the story of how your found your “HOme” Can’t wait to read more of the story.

  • Carol Spinski

    Sounds so lovely Melissa! Thank You so much for stopping by~ Blessings~ Carol

  • Love your story!! We have lived in our farmhouse for 11 years. It was built in 1831~we love it! Blessings~melissa

  • Carol Spinski

    Thank You Jacquie! The farmhouse is my dream come true and even three years later I’m still pinching myself.
    Blessings:) Carol

  • I love your story! I too have always dreamed of a farmhouse – I’m hoping for retirement and somewhere near a large body of water (grew up back east and now that I’m in the middle of the country, I realize how much I miss water). I love it when a house speaks to a person, how you just know you were meant to call is home. It’s beautiful!


  • Awe Carol – that was such a sweet story and I was there walking through the farmhouse with you on your first visit!

    It was so great to be able to connect with you last week down at Bottoms Up! I’ve attempted to locate the girls you mentioned – Kansas City Bloggers, but I don’t think I have the correct site … it just brings up a huge variety of bloggers from all over. Can you tell me how to best connect with them (and I believe you mentioned and gal named Kristen Doyle … is she on FB too?)

    Anxious to come visit you at your place sometime soon!
    All the best!

  • Carol

    How touching Carol, I knew part of this story but not all of it. Thanks for sharing it and all you do!

  • Carol Spinski

    Thank You Cindy:) I think so too~ Blessings, Carol

  • cindy

    Beautiful story. I think Stella Mae was looking out for you! ;-)

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