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Embellished Vintage Glass Bottle Tutorial


Toffee colored satin ribbon tied around a place setting of dishes & Vintage pharmacy bottles embellished with lace, glass glitter and jewels.


Vintage Glass Bottles
Lace-long enough to wrap around bottle
Fine Glitter (I like the Martha Stewart brand sold at Michaels)
Embellishments-Buttons, Jewelry, Fabric or Paper
Tacky White Glue
Clear Spray On Adhesive
Zip Dry Adhesive 


1. Wash bottles to remove any dirt or grime and dry.
2. Take lace trim and lightly spritz with water. Apply tacky glue to backside of lace and set aside.
3. Apply a thin layer of tacky glue around the bottle where the lace will be.
4. Wrap the lace around the diameter of the bottle and pat firmly down. 
5. Spray clear glue to top edge of bottle and any other area you want glitter added.
6. Sprinkle glitter on the bottle and let dry overnight.
7. Add trim embellishment to the front of the bottle using Zip Dry adhesive to secure in place. 

These are one of my signature props for tabletop displays at celebrations and events. They make a beautiful but simple statement when grouped together plus very budget friendly to create!

In other news~

I’m working on planning a WORKSHOP at my farmhouse for CREATIVES. Hopefully the end of November but will update you in a few days with details:)

Keep Shining~





  • Carol Spinski - Oh Thanks Sheila! I just went out and bought more bottles for Workshop gifties:) Blessings, Carol

  • Sheila R - Stunning bottles… definitely going to give this a try! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to hear more above your workshop for Creatives!!!

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