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Crafting Paper Arrows

So what do you do on a cold snowy day when you just want to stay inside? You craft paper arrows! I made these using basic supplies that I had on hand.

The large arrow I crafted using a roll of tree wrapping paper found at Home Depot. I love the stuff because it is heavy and has a wonderful textural quality. The smaller arrows were made using crepe paper streamers and hearts cut from vintage book pages.


1. Tree Wrap

2. 12″ Dowel Rods

3. Crepe Paper Streamer

4. Tacky Glue

5. Brown Ink Pad

6. Vintage Fabrics and Papers


For the larger arrow-Double a piece of tree wrap and cut two hearts from it to make the heart point. Again double a piece of tree wrap and cut two long rectangle shapes. The size of the hearts and rectangles depends on how big you want your finished arrows to be.  Glue the dowel rod in between the heart and rectangle pieces at each end. Feather cut the rectangle shape at the edges of the paper to complete the end of the arrow. To add extra detail, embellish the heart points with the brown ink pad. For the smaller arrows, just repeat the above directions using crepe paper and vintage book pages.

The vintage bottles were embellished with hand cut paper hearts and wrapped with twine.

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