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Spending Summers at my family’s farm in Northern Arkansas was where I first learned how to take handfuls of wildflowers weaving them together to make crowns for my dolls. Tossing an old quilt over a clothesline to construct a makeshift tent and then inviting my newly crowned doll for lunch made for the perfect day in my book. The time spent in the Ozark Hills along with my sweet Mama Stella Mae, helped to forge a talent for design assembly which echoes in the work I do today. I’m a Midwest Lifestyle and Portraiture Photographer that adores creating and capturing simple but beautiful images. Natural light is a blessing but I’m also comfortable with in studio or on location settings.
Along with being very fortunate to follow a career path that I love, I’m also a Wife, Mom, new Grandma to little Olivia, RN and am the former owner of Raised In Cotton, a shop selling antiques and home decor furnishings. My husband Bob aka “Mr Practical Pants” and I live in our 1865 Missouri farmhouse that we restored in 2009. It is the perfect backdrop for my signature style which is romantically atmospheric, multilayered and flavored with the vintage aesthetic I adore. 
I’m very flattered you took the time to stop by my site. Please contact me using the link above with any of your photography or styling needs.
  • Beth @Burlap & Roses - I’ve had the pleasure of participating in one of Carol’s workshops and I highly recommend this online course. Can’t wait to participate myself.

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Carole,

    I certainly know how much work you put into your business. It’s just hard to do it all, just not enough hours in the day. Your store sounded fabulous and my goodness in a barn no less! Thank You so much for visiting and have lots of fun traveling:) Blessings, Carol

  • Carole - What a lovely web site you have, so much inspiration. I have had a country store for the last 10 years, antiques, etc. Closed it this spring, just to much work now for this old body! (retiring and traveling this fall) hoping all will happen…need to sell the old homestead first, (I had my store in a 100 year old barn my grandfather built! Carole

  • Carol Spinski - Hi Tanya,

    I will send you an email with some info:) Blessings and Thank You, Carol

  • tanya - my daughter is getting married in august. we are looking for vintage furniture in the Lee Summit area to rent for an outdoor wedding. hoping you could help. thanks.

  • Carol G - Hey, can I join the RN club? I have just retired and am moving to Virginia. My plan is to open a shop that sells my hand-painted furniture and hand-made jewelry. In the past I have done a lot of mixed media stuff for myself and may include some of those things in my shop, eventually.
    I just found your web site today and have had great fun looking around.
    Carol G

  • admin - Hey Vicki:)) We probably need to start our own little group for us RN’s that are enjoying other ventures:)) Have a beautiful weekend and as always, Thank You so much. Hugs, Carol

  • Vicki - Hey Me too! An antique dealer,or as I like to say Treasures,RN,wife and on line shop!

    Since there is 3 of us there is an official collection!

    Carol,I am looking forward to your joyous journey!

  • admin - My goodness Rebecca, sounds like we are kindred spirits! Thank you so very much for the well wishes and I’m sending them right back to you:)
    Blessings, Carol

  • Rebecca - How Completely Wonderful Carol!!! From one Antique dealer, RN, Wife, mother, and shop owner to another a huge Congratulations and all the best! :-) Rebecca

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